Fujifilm Frontier DL650

Premium Photo Production

bringing the photo print business to a new level

Compact and fast, the Frontier DL650 PRO can produce prints from 3.5” x 5” up to 12 x 48” high quality images and allows for a wider color gamut, finer grain, smoother gradation in backgrounds and improved skin tones. The Frontier DL650 PRO meets the diverse needs and challenges of the retail, commercial and professional markets.

  • Six colored inks for beautiful reproduction – new inks are pink and sky blue
  • New thicker Professional paper, perfect for high quality portrait prints, weddings and event photography
  • Dual roll paper capability
  • Compact footprint only 1.5m² (including sorter unit)
  • No chemical waste or storage
  • Easy replacement of ink cartridges, back printer ribbons and waste paper disposal

Fujifilm’s unique color profiles

The DL650 features two color profiles: The first is Vivid color reproduction mode enhancing overall color saturation to produce vivid color tones and second is the Natural color reproduction mode for making image reproduction similar to the Frontier silver-halide printers. Using these unique settings, the printer is able to produce superior image quality prints in either mode, meeting the needs of various customers.

Six coloured inks

The sky blue and pink colors have been added to the basic four colors, resulting in enhanced grain fineness in low to medium density areas. This improves images requiring high quality such as portraits, where the skin tones and gradient backgrounds are reproduced smoothly.

New premium paper

Two types of new premium paper (Glossy type: about 274 μm thick/ Luster type: about 282 μm thick), now enable a wider variety of photo reproduction for specific purposes such as weddings, portraits, and special events.

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