New Generation of DryLab Printing Solutions

sophisticated and fully featured RIP software for the simplest to the most demanding environment


A professional production tool aimed at the new generation of DryLabs from leading manufacturers such as Epson and Fujifilm. A modern and innovative RIP application with an intuitive front-end seamlessly integrated to a powerful and intelligent back-end print server.

This unique solution is developed from the ground up to cater for the new and fast growing dry lab sector. It is designed to be extremely easy to use while offering very sophisticated design and production features.

Aimed at the in-house production market, from single event photographer to major organizations running multiple devices and design stations. Its intelligent job handling and processing ensures minimal user intervention while avoiding costly mistakes.

The system can be fully integrated to existing workflows and with its open interface features can be configured for various production requirements. Supports all major dry lab brands and is available in Solo or Server editions for the latest Windows and Mac OSX platforms.

in·no·va·tive:  featuring new methods; advanced and original

Built upon the proven Shiraz printing technology that has been refined and enhanced over the past 20 years and packaged together with many unique and bespoke features.

This approach encompasses all aspects of the solution from the install and configuration to the operation and management.


in·tu·i·tive: readily learned or understood

Engaging with its familiar and clean user interface can often disguise its sophisticated and powerful nature.

Designed to carry out the regular and repetitive jobs with a simple drag&drop operation whilst fully capable of executing the more demanding tasks with a few additional clicks.


in·tel·li·gent: guided by reason; rational

By utilizing important information retrieved from the connected printers the system automatically directs and manages all incoming jobs hence avoiding costly mistakes.

All complex printing matters are taken care of without the need for users involvement.



Meet the family

full range of solutions to suit every production requirements

Carbonlab Solo


CarbonLab Solo edition is aimed at single users running a single device up to 210mm width. It includes supports for both Epson Surelab D700 and FujiFilm Frontier-S DX100 printers. Available for Windows and Mac OSX operating systems.

Carbonlab Excel


CarbonLab Excel edition is aimed at single users running a single device up to 305mm width. It includes supports for both Epson Surelab D3000 and FujiFilm DL-6X0 series printers. Available for Windows operating system.

Carbonlab Server


CarbonLab Server edition is aimed at sites with multiple devices and users and includes supports for all Epson & FujiFilm drylabs as well as ability to add any standard large format printers. Available for Windows and Mac OSX operating systems.


One Click Printing Solution

packed with all the features required to run an efficient printing operation

Image Browser

Front End

A slick image browser enables users to quickly and easily select images and folders for submission to various Printflows configured.

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Print Server


To ensure fast, trouble free and efficient print production the system employs the sophisticated and proven Shiraz Server technology.

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Printer Status


The RIP constantly monitors and retrieves important information about the current printer’s status and loaded media.

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Image Editor

Front End

A dedicated and powerful image editor for cropping, sizing and colour manipulation of images.

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Template Editor


This utility application enables users to create any number of templates that can then be assigned to Printflows for automatic processing.

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Job Editor

Front End

A sophisticated and interactive job creator that allows users to visually check and edit their jobs before submitting them for printing.

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Automated WorkFlow


For a seamless integration to existing workflows the system provides the features that enables users to configure the relevant parameters.

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Print widgets that are created and edited by users that can have any number of job parameters assigned to them.

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Live Update


To help the smooth and efficient running of the system included are various utility applications that carry out specific tasks.

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Simple Steps Sophisticated Process

streamlined and efficient workflow to ensure trouble free production



Browse Locate and display images

Use the slick image browser to locate and examine your images on the local computer and network drives. Use the browser's built-in functions to search, manage and organize images as required. Add to the 'favourites list' for quick access.


Submit select images for printing

To submit the selected images or folder to the print server for processing and printing either drag&drop them on the required printflow or click the printflow number to submit with number of copies required.


Check avoiding any mistakes

All incoming print jobs are checked against the currently loaded media type and size and any mismatch will result in those jobs being held. The jobs are automatically released once the correct print conditions are met.


Batch Group jobs together

For efficient and fast processing and printing of submitted images the system automatically group and batch images together as a 'super job' that results in continuous and non-stop printing. Batched jobs can be edited by users if required.


Process RIP Images for printing

The RIP engine has been finely tuned and optimized for super fast and simultaneous processing of multiple images. It is designed to match and exceed the printer's fastest print mode resulting in non-stop printing.


Print output to the device

Latest file formats including PDF and EPS ones as well as all variations of raster images are seamlessly handled. All major colour spaces are fully supported and system is fully compatible with the latest industry standard ICC specifications.

10 More Reasons to Get the Carbonlab

  • 01- Photo Packages

    Create and populate customised photo packages containing any number of image sizes. Additionally borders, text, and image masks can be added if required. Images can be edited, zoom and panned as needed. Multiple images can be applied to templates that results in automatic creation of multiple jobs. These templates can be used in a fully automated workflow by assigning them to printflows and hotfolders.

  • 02- Panoramic

    This feature will automatically scale the image to the maximum current roll width loaded on the printer. The image length is also scaled by the same factor so that the image is not cropped or distorted. To print panoramic images of exact length size it is also possible to create templates with the required width and length.

  • 03- PDF/Postscript Format

    Supports the latest PDF and Postscript file specifications including all related font formats, colour spaces, live transparencies, spot colours and all other graphic entities. Multi-page documents can be examined and any page or range of pages can be selected for printing. This feature enables the printing of very high quality vector elements such as fonts and logos and makes it compatible with DTP and Illustration design application.

  • 04- Albums & Cards

    Create and edit templates that contain images with alpha channels. These can be photo albums with multiple pages including front and back covers as well as calendars and greeting cards. Fixed or variable data text can be included for automated job labeling etc. These templates can then be easily and quickly populated with images in quick steps and then efficiently managed for printing.

  • 05- Passport & ID Photos

    The system includes a biometric cropping option that utilises the overlay guide for most countries in the world. This guide helps the user to accurately select the required face area as specified by countries authorities. Once the image has been cropped then it can be applied to a template to create the required print layout that can include company logos, time/date and customer name.

  • 06- Template Editor

    A powerful tool for creating and editing photo templates that are used to create print jobs easily and quickly. Users can add text, borders, background images and logos. These templates can either be used in an interactive live job editing mode or assigned to printflows and hot folders for quick and automatic job submission.

  • 07- Image Editor

    A specially designed image editing module that enables users to crop, scale, manipulate, colour edit, apply special filters and see the effects in a 'before & after' preview. The environment is fully colour managed and will simulate the actual printout. All image editing steps can be saved under a filter name and applied in a batch mode to selected images for fast processing.

  • 08- Printer Polling

    The system is continuously communicating with the connected printers and updating any changes such as media type and dimensions, ink levels, messages etc. These information are then used to check and manage all incoming jobs to ensure that there are no discrepancies between the job settings and current printer environment. Any mismatch will result in jobs being held till the correct printer conditions. This unique feature means that all jobs are correctly printed and minimizes any media and ink wastage.

  • 09- Job Editor

    Print jobs can be created in two distinct ways. For a fast and efficient workflow simply select the required images and then drag & drop them on the pre-configured printflows. Alternatively to visually check and edit jobs before submission for printing use the powerful interactive job editor that includes many tools for job manipulation.

  • 10- Print Server

    Jobs that have been submitted for printing will be managed and processed by the server. There are many features available here that enables the user to control the production behaviour of the system. These include changing job priority, editing job parameters, holding and removing jobs etc. Jobs that have been printed are automatically archived in the system and can be submitted back for printing again. A comprehensive report of the activities and messages from the system are logged and can be examined at any time by the user.


£30/€40/$45monthly (minimum 3 months to start)

  • Up to 210mm width
  • Single device & client
  • Priority support
  • Free updates
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£50/€70/$75monthly (minimum 3 months to start)

  • Up to 305mm width
  • Single device & client
  • Priority support
  • Free updates
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POAplease email us with your requirments

  • Up to 1,650mm width
  • Multiple devices & clients
  • Priority support
  • Free updates

frequantly asked questions

CarbonLab currently includes drivers for the Epson Surelab D700, D3000 and FujiFilm Frontier-S DX100 printers. The FujiFilm DL6X0 series drivers are in the final testing phases and we expect the release of these soon.

The CarbonLab Solo is aimed one computer one printer operation. The CarbonLab Server however can drive up to 4 drylab devices and allows for any number of network clients to submit jobs to the server.

The CarbonLab solution is offered as a leasing subscription scheme on monthly bases. This will not only provide you with the latest version of the product always but also entitles you to level 1 support package free of charge. This plan also protects you from any future price increases. Leasing period start with a 3 monthly one and are then automatically renewed monthly.

The solution is designed to be as intuitive as possible with minimal learning curve. The package also includes a comprehensive user manual as well as a growing number of training videos online. We are also pleased to offer a free remote training session on request.

CarbonLab Server edition includes the option for adding any number of printer queues for all the major printer brands such as Canon, Epson and HP.


Latest News

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19 October 2015

CarbonLab now available

Shiraz Software has now officially launched the unique and innovative printing solution for the new range of drylab printers from Epson and FujiFilm.

19 October 2015

Shiraz Launches CarbonLab

Shiraz Software has now officially launched the unique and innovative printing solution for the new range of drylab printers from Epson and FujiFilm.

18 October 2015

Launch of CarbonLab Solution

Shiraz Software has now officially launched the unique and innovative printing solution for the new range of drylab printers from Epson and FujiFilm.

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